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We have created a set of animal/pet friendly standards of acceptance and excellence that link individuals and pet friendly companies. Each PetFriendly.Love™ member will take the PetFriendly Promise and conform to a set of PetFriendly standards. As a result, consumers will have greater confidence, trust and knowledge related to the use and purchase of animal and pet products and services when they travel, shop, play, dine or donate.

We embrace the tenet that a world where we are nice to animals translates into a world where we are nicer to people.

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Connect with PetFriendly industry leaders committed to the human-animal bond that have taken the PetFriendly.Love™ Promise and/or have become PetFriendly.Love™ Certified.  Provide feedback through the Paw Review system to advise fellow PetFriendly consumers about the quality of products and services from PetFriendly.Love™ subscribers and PetFriendly.Love™ Certified businesses and organizations.

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Connect with consumers determined to do business with like-minded PetFriendly.Love™ businesses and organizations.  Receive a PetFriendly Subscriber listing with consumer-provided Paw Review ratings.

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PetFriendly.Love™ validates that a business is legitimately “pet friendly” vs. just stating they are “pet friendly”.  It’s our goal that through online consumer Paw Reviews and participation from organizations willing to take the PetFriendly.Love™ Promise and complete the online PetFriendly.Love™ Certification Program we will create a world-class standard that also becomes the go-to resource for both consumers and businesses for all things PetFriendly. AS a result, consumers will have confidence when they travel, shop, play, dine or donate.

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Peggy Hoyt is an attorney and animal advocate who has dedicated her professional career to helping families create estate plans that work for people and for pets.  She is the author of numerous books, including All My Children Wear Fur Coats – How to Leave a Legacy for Your Pet.  She hosts a weekly podcast of the same name and interviews animal advocates and rescue organizations.  She is a co-founder of MyPetWill.com, a first of its kind online pet trust and identification system.  In addition, she spends her free time rescuing pets that currently include three horses, seven dogs and three cats.


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